The ASK Podcast

The ASK Podcast 12 - with Greg Sheridan on Christ in Culture

January 17, 2022

This week Greg and I discuss the role of Christ and Christianity in popular culture. We look at specific examples as well as the general idea. Gilead - 'the greatest Christian novel of the 20th Century); Graham Greene; Willa Cather 'Death Comes to the Archbishop'; Bach; Terence Malik; Ross Douhart; How Green was my Valley; Leonard Cohen; It's a Wonderful Life; Noah's Ark and Russel Crowe; Tolkien biopic; Jane the Virgin; The Chosen; It's a Beautiful day in the Neighbourhood; the dullness of progressive ideology in the arts; why culture needs Christianity.  If you get half as much enjoyment and stimulation out of this,as I did - then you will be blessed.

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