The ASK Podcast

The ASK Podcast 17 - Christian Faith and Political Leaders - with Greg Sheridan

May 10, 2022

Continuing our look at Greg Sheridan 'Christians - the Urgent Case for Jesus'.  The chapter - Light and Shadow in the Heart of Leaders - looks at the influence of Christianity on politics.   We look at the influence of  Jacques Maritain – a Christian French philosopher – on the UN Declaration of Human Rights.  Adam Smith and the Wealth of Nations.   The role of Christianity in democracy.  Are there Christian political positions?  How do we care for the poor?  Kim Beazley, Tony Blair.  The large number of Australian religious politicians.  We discuss the faith of Scott Morrison – Prime Minister.   John Anderson – National party leader  Bill Hayden, Labor – former atheist .  Peter Cosgrove, former governer general.

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